Have you ever seen the silkworm spit out silk thread to spin a cocoon?

Take a visit to Thang Loi company !

 ► Where you will be attracted by the whole process of silk making from the breeding of silkworms to the harvesting and the weaving of  silk.

 ► Where you can purchase and order many mordern and traditional fashions:


made of a wide variety of beautiful, high quality and fashionable fabrics from Viet Nam and other countries. And you can get your favourite fashions within 6 hours.  

Quality guaranteed - Reasonable price - Experienced Tailors!  

► Where you can enjoy the artistic pictures being embroidered  by the skillful hands of the girls of Hoi An. 

Embroidery is one of our main crafts. We specialize in the ancient Vietnamese art of hand - made picture embroidery. The contribution of the embroiderers of our ancient town will help you to better understand and appriciate: "... the Hoi An of old through the images of every day life, and so the beauty of our country - Vietnam..." 

In addition, you can find the other embroidered products such as table cloths, bed sheets, ...

 ► Where you also choose many silk products such as hand bags, multicoloured silk lanterns,…

 You can order any of our products on our website 

 And in particular, we can cater for individual and commercial requirements.


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